About Our Store

Owners Orin and Ellen with their dog, Pete, on a duck hunt in Canada.
Orin, our dog, Pete, and I on a duck hunt in Canada.

Welcome to our store!  If you’re visiting our store, most likely you’ve been on one of our popular hunting or fishing trips or you’re planning to have that adventure one day soon.  Or, you’re here to buy a gift for someone who has been or who is going.  That’s wonderful!

Of course, if you are a hunter or fisherman and you haven’t been on one of our hunting and fishing trips in Texas and Louisiana, check out the details here. You’re going to want to schedule a trip for yourself and your buddies!

My husband, Captain Orin Lonadier, has been offering unforgettable outdoor experiences since 2013.   We started offering quality clothing and gifts embroidered with our signature logo as a memento for our guests.  We put them on display in our lodge.  We soon realized that as soon as our hunters and fishermen got home, they wished they had bought something as a way to remember – and relive – their trip!

So, we opened this online store for our guests, their family and friends, and the people who just want to own one of our quality products with our logo.  Now, if you don’t get yourself one of our hoodies, caps or other item while you’re with us, you can still get them after you return home.  And, family and friends can give you one as a gift.

And, if you are planning a hunting or fishing trip, you can buy your hoodies or ball caps ahead of time and wear them when you arrive!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let me know!  We are selecting new items to add to our store and your requests are welcome.

Thank you for shopping in our online store!

Ellen Lonadier

To schedule a hunting or fishing trip, please call Orin at 318-510-0521.

To contact me with questions about our store, please send an email to me at: Seatoskyoutfitters@gmail.com